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Behind every successful woman driver, there is good vehicle maintenance!

How many of you have heard the following, mostly said with a sheepish laugh, or worse, an outright sneer of derision:

  • Women are terrible drivers! Bet they fix their makeup when they drive. (Eye roll)

  • Parallel parking? Women? Don’t hold your breath!

  • Women are careless drivers. Look at the number of accidents they cause!

As a female behind the wheel, I face this all the time. Now, let’s look at a few statistics:

In 2020, female motorists accounted for just over half of all licensed drivers in the United States, with around 115.6 million female licensees compared to 112.6 million male licensees.


Seventy-one percent of all motor vehicle crash deaths in 2019 were males. Each year from 1982 to 2019, speeding was identified as a contributing factor for a greater proportion of male drivers killed in motor vehicle crashes than for female drivers killed in crashes.


You know better now, don’t you? In fact Italian driver Lella Lombardi even managed to participate in the F1 Grand Prix. Not just from behind the wheel, but women have made a mark on all areas of the automobile industry,, from designing automobiles in the engineering and R&D departments, to being expert mechanics at auto shops and garages. In fact Harley Earl from GM was the first to get an all-women design team together in the 1950s.

According to, there are over 180,251 Auto Mechanics currently employed in the United States. 4.9% of all Auto Mechanics are women, and with all-women auto clinics and repair centers making their appearance, this number is definitely going to increase!

For me, there is The Car Spa in my very own Tinley Park neighborhood that makes my life as a woman driver much easier. With women as part of the workforce, and their premium valet services, getting my car washed and cleaned has always been a breeze. Their Super Spa Valet Wash keeps my car clean inside and out, and the Wax & Polish services lend that special sparkle and shine to my beautiful car! You can take a look at for more information!

I can always depend on The Car Spa Tinley Park’s automotive services and they take care of the transmission system, differential system, fuel system, A/C and all the maintenance needs of my vehicle in one place. lists all their excellent services, if you are interested.

Do you know what I like about The Car Spa Tinley Park? They make it a point to remind me of my vehicle’s oil-change schedule as well. The Express Oil Change service is a boon to me because in addition to taking care of the family and kids, and juggling multiple schedules, I do not have to worry about storing dates in my head as well! What’s more, the oil-change service includes a maintenance check and an Express Spa Wash absolutely free. You can go through for more details.

All in all, The Car Spa Tinley Park helps me keep my car clean and shiny, and perform to its fullest capabilities. The regular maintenance checks, the interior and exterior detailing services, and the automotive services have kept my vehicle in good shape and have enabled me to be a safe and responsible driver. Their promotions and offers have definitely helped too! Why don’t you call The Car Spa at 708-873-9810 today for an appointment and check out their premium valet services first hand?

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