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Buying a pre-owned/used car? Helpful pointers for you!

Now that you have zoned in on the car you would like to take home, it’s time to check, and I mean, really take a good long look at the car. If you are not an expert yourself, it would be wise to get a reliable mechanic to inspect the vehicle thoroughly - both inside and out. Do keep in mind that you might have to compromise on small flaws, afterall it is a car that has been used. But don’t you worry. With a trusted vehicle expert such as The Car Spa at Tinley Park by your side, most of them can be easily rectified.

  • Begin with the paintwork. Look for any rust or patches indicative of bad maintenance. Check the wear and tear of the tyres, the wheel alignment, and the bumpers for any damages. Once you buy the car, you can always call The Car Spa at 708-873-9810 and try their Wax & Polish service to add that shine and dazzle to your vehicle!

  • Walk around the vehicle and take stock of the wiper blades, bulbs, etc. If you need to replace any of those, drop in The Car Spa at Tinley Park and you can pick from 3 types of wiper blades and a selection of vehicle lights.

  • Take a look under the hood. Make sure to go over the fuel system, engine, filters, belts and all moving parts with a fine toothed comb. Look for any fluid leaks, corrosion, cracked hoses and belts that will impair the performance of the vehicle. The Car Spa’s automotive services can take care of your car’s vital systems such as the transmission, coolant system and fuel system.

  • If you are in the Chicago area, and if the car is due for an oil-change, drive down to The Car Spa and get an express oil change service with the trusted Valvoline brand motor oils. Check out for details. Every oil change comes with a free maintenance check and a spa wash. Useful, right?

  • Check out the electronics, music system, air-conditioning and the cabin air filters inside the vehicle. It would be best to take the car on a test drive to see if all of those work while the car is in motion. The Car Spa offers an A/C recharge service starting at just $129.95 just in case you need one.

  • Sometimes low mileage on an odometer is tricky because disuse of the car for long periods might have dried up the rubber parts inside which could crack on usage. A well planned test drive at different speeds and on as many different roads as possible would better bring out the flaws in the pre-owned cars to light.

  • Touch and feel the upholstery, interiors, panels, floor and handles for any stains, tear, cracks, etc. Sit in the car for a while and check for lingering smells. If you need to remove any unpleasant odor, The Car Spa offers odor removal and ozone treatments while you wait.

You have checked all the necessary documents and the vehicle itself, and now you are the proud owner of a pre-owned car. Congratulations! The previous owner or the dealership might have cleaned the car to a certain extent, but is that sufficient for you? Drive down to The Car Spa or visit for the various Spa wash and detailing options. Depending on the state of your car when you purchased it, you can do a complete interior or a complete exterior, or if you so wish, a complete interior and exterior detailing service at very affordable prices.

Or if you are looking for a quick overall detailing option, there is the Mini-Detail service which usually takes about an hour to complete and costs just under $70. This service comes with a free Super Spa Car Wash too! But wait, there is a plethora of promotional coupons waiting for you at for the detailing services as well.

Well, are you looking at a clean and sparkling car in front of you and feel the happiness of ownership bubbling inside of you? Great feeling, isn’t it? But it is also the time to ask yourself if your car is indeed truly clean.

The KleenSafe disinfection and viral remediation program offered by The Car Spa can be your answer to that question. Performed with zero-toxic and food-safe disinfecting agents, this program can keep you and your family safe from harmful pathogens that could have been hiding in your used car! Call The Car Spa, Tinley Park at 708-873-9810 and ask about our MV-SAP and F-SAP programs to experience the joy of a clean car over and over again!

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