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Cleaning Checklist for Rental Cars

If you are the owner or franchisee of rental car services, you would have upgraded your cleaning procedures to accommodate the new requirements and CDC directives by now. The question is are you doing it all by yourselves or have you partnered with a vehicle cleaning expert such as The Car Spa?

Why Partner?

The reasons are simple. Professional car washes and detail centers have:

⦁ The right cleaning agents that will not harm your vehicle consoles or your paint finishes

⦁ The right equipment

⦁ The right training for their crews

⦁ The right packages and offers

The KleenSafe program from The Car Spa has all these and more. With an experienced crew and the latest in equipment, including the electrostatic sprayers and hospital grade testing equipment, the Car Spa at Tinley Park uses a mechanical-kill disinfectant that is EPA-registered, food-safe and will not damage any sensitive electronics in the vehicle.

Have you updated your Cleaning Checklist?

Let’s take a look at the checklist covering as many high-touchpoints as possible, so that you can honestly assure a clean car to your customers:

⦁ Key and key fob

⦁ Steering wheel

⦁ Steering column controls

⦁ Dashboard

⦁ Gear stick

⦁ All consoles

⦁ Instrument panels - radio controls, temperature controls

⦁ AC vent exhausts

⦁ All the seats

⦁ Spaces between the seats, consoles, doors

⦁ Seat belts and buckles

⦁ Door interiors including handles and holders

⦁ Trunk release button

⦁ Brake levers

⦁ Visors including visor mirrors

⦁ Window glass - inside and out

⦁ Door handles on the exterior of the car

⦁ Windshield wipers and glass

The Car Spa at Tinley Park has all the right service offerings to get your car effectively and meticulously cleaned covering all of the above touch points. You can call 708-873-9810 or visit to know more about the following premium car wash services:

⦁ Express Spa Wash

⦁ Full Spa Wash

⦁ Super Spa Wash

The following interior and exterior detail services performed by trained crews will make sure to remove visible dirt, dust and foreign objects from your vehicle:

Complete Interior-Only detail:

⦁ Carpet shampooed

⦁ Seats shampooed, conditioned and dried

⦁ Mats shampooed and dried

⦁ Air hose cleansing (cleans out debris, crumbs, food, dirt)

⦁ Thorough vacuuming

⦁ Everything wiped, cleaned and conditioned

⦁ Interior windows cleaned

⦁ Full exterior wash and hand drying

⦁ Tires shined

Complete Exterior-only Detail:

⦁ Light-duty clay bar particle removal

⦁ Double-strength cleaner wax

⦁ Air-hose drying of crevices and mirrors

⦁ Super Spa car wash

⦁ 72-hour rain guarantee

That’s not all. For amazing offers on complete interior and exterior detail services and mini detail services, do take a look at for special promotions and coupons!

Once your rental car/van/truck is visibly clean, go ahead with the KleenSafe program - a thorough disinfection and viral remediation procedure to ensure the safety of your customers and employees. But how would your customers know that the car they have hired is truly safe and healthy?

The Car Spa at Tinley Park has the perfect answer with the Motor Vehicle Safety Accreditation Program (MV-SAP) which comes with a certificate/sticker that can be proudly displayed in your rental vehicle. Why don’t you call us at 708-873-9810 to see what offers we can bundle together for your customers’ safety and your own peace of mind? Try us now!

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