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Driving in the rain? Enjoy the weather without car-care hassles!

Gorgeous weather outside isn’t it? Tempted by the light drizzle and the inviting road to take a long drive, but worried about what that might do to your car? If you live in Chicago close to the Tinley Park area, you can cross off your rainy weather woes with The Car Spa Car Wash and Detail Center right around the corner to take care of your car!

The first thing to check would be your wipers. To keep everyone in the car safe, you need good visibility and for that, good working wipers. If you are in the market for new wipers, why don’t you check out the 3 styles available at The Car Spa? They cost less than $20 and they would even install them for you! Oh, and your lights. See and be seen with all your headlights, fog lights and exterior lights, burning bright.

Have you looked at the levels of transmission fluid and the coolant in your vehicle? A well functioning engine and associated parts are vital for an enjoyable long distance drive, don’t you think? Visit The Car Spa and give your car a quick maintenance check. Their automotive services bouquet includes transmission service, fuel system cleaning, oil system cleaning, antifreeze/coolant system service, differential service and much more. Do take a look at for pricing and details. It will definitely be worth your while!

But what about the comfort of the passengers inside the car? A suitable temperature and good air quality inside the car are important to keep your friends and family happy during the ride, right? While you are at The Car Spa, try and get your air-conditioning system rehauled and recharged for less than $130.

Well, that takes care of the inside! Would you like to do a quick clean-up of your car interior and exterior before your drive? It’s alright if you just thought of that - the Mini-Detail service at The Car Spa will be perfect for you even if you have only a couple of hours to spare. The Mini-Detail is an excellent value offer at only $69.95 and comes with coupons too! Take a look at, call The Car Spa at 708-873-9810 and get your car ready in a jiffy!

You want to wash your car, but are concerned that the muddy roads and rain will not be kind to your car? Not to worry. The Car Spa at Tinley Park offers you a 3-day rewash guarantee after any of the premium Valet Car Washing services listed here: - Express, Full or Super Spa car wash!

You know the drive will be awesome, but scraping off the caked mud on the tyres and washing the undercarriage are not your cup of tea? The Complete Exterior Cleaning and Clay Wash at The Car Spa is the answer to your prayers with the following:

⦁ Light duty bug, light tar and microbial particles removal

⦁ Clay bar wax application wash and cleaner wax

⦁ Power wash/wheel wells cleaned/tyres dressed

⦁ Sealer wax application and chrome polishing

The Car Spa also offers a complete interior cleaning and blowout service featuring Enzyme blowout throughout the entire vehicle. If you have kids spilling things in the car and playing with colouring stuff, you already know what kind of thorough cleaning would be required on the leather seats and glass windows! Starting at only $150, The Car Spa can have your interiors clean and welcoming, all ready for the next drive.

And then there are the coupons to make your decision easy for you!

Why don’t you call The Car Spa at 708-873-9810 or visit to see all the essential car-care services available just for this season of rain and snow. When you call, do ask about our Express Oil-change service with the trusted Valvoline brand lubricants, and the KleenSafe disinfection and viral remediation program to guarantee your peace of mind for the holidays!

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