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Easy and Affordable Care for your entire Fleet of Vehicles!

Managing a rental car business? With the increase in the number of steps that need to be carried out to satisfy the Covid safety cleaning protocols, taking care of your fleet of rental vehicles may be too much for your own staff to continue doing on a regular basis. Add to that the damages caused by the cold weather and the snow, and the tasks might become quite burdensome.

If you are in Chicago, help is at hand. The Car Spa Tinley Park has an array of premium Valet Car Wash services, Interior and Exterior Detailing services, and various Automotive services performed by a well-trained crew and is ready to serve multiple vehicles at the same time in its spacious facility. You can see plenty of pictures of the convenient location and the many services at

The Car Spa is especially known for its Complete Interior Cleaning and Blowout service featuring Enzyme Blowout throughout the entire vehicle, hand-washing & cleaning of all the interior surfaces, cleaning & conditioning of the leather seats and surfaces, and the cleaning of glass windows., mirrors & chrome surfaces starting at only $150 for cars. can give you more information on all our cleaning services.

The rental cars carry all kinds of smells with them, ranging from stale foods to cigarette smoke, and you know exactly how hard it is to get those awful smells out of the upholstery! Instead of spending your employees’ valuable time on a lost cause, why don’t you try the Odor removal and Ozone treatment services at The Car Spa? Make sure you pick from the wide variety of fragrances we carry and delight your customers by giving them a perfectly clean, deliciously fragrant rental car to drive around every time! Visit to save some money too!

Are you a new car dealer in Chicago? If you are, one group of vehicles that need constant attention would be your test drive vehicles! After all, it is their performance that would directly affect your potential customer’s purchase decision. How much time and effort are you spending on taking care of your test drive vehicles trying to keep them spotlessly clean and optimizing their engine and fuel system performances? Do you have the bandwidth to stay on top of the oil-change schedules?

We, at The Car Spa Tinley Park, understand how much extra work that would be for your own team, especially when they could be spending that time selling more vehicles! Just call us at (708) 274-7060 and we can discuss our excellent value service packages and bundled offers for multiple cars from your dealership. You can also visit to learn more about the bouquet of automotive services we provide.

Having a dealership in the Tinley Park area would mean that you have the best new car/used car pre-delivery cleaning options available to you right around the corner at The Car Spa. With the effect of the pandemic still fresh in our minds, are you looking at disinfecting your cars before delivery? Why don’t you call us at (708) 274-7060 and inquire about the KleenSafe and MV-SAP services available at The Car Spa Tinley Park? With a food-safe and non toxic disinfectant that can get rid of harmful pathogens and microbes in your vehicles, you can give your precious customers the gift of good health along with their new cars!

Cost-effective and 5-star premium services, friendly staff and well trained crews, right around the corner in your very own neighborhood. What else are you waiting for? Call us at (708) 274-7060 or visit now.

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