Experience the Joy of a Clean Car!

Honestly, I could not believe that this man I was married to could show such emotion! I haven’t seen the shining eyes and the whoop of joy when he got into the car today, since the time he had proposed to me and I had accepted! And all this euphoria - wait for it - is from a just-cleaned car. Would you believe it? I would have rolled my eyes if I hadn’t gotten in beside him and immediately felt like I was in Aspen heaven already. Ah well.

But let me begin at the beginning. Last week we got a Groupon for Mini Detail services with not just one, but 2 FREE Full Spa Car Washes from the Car Spa at Tinley Park. My husband wanted to try it out because, let’s face it, it was a great deal for under $70 when a regular car wash alone could cost up to $25 each! So there we were on a weekend, and in spite of the crowd the woman at the reception greeted us with a smile and after registering the car details, showed us to a cozy lobby.

Then a valet showed up and my husband began chatting with him about all the other services at the Car Spa. He seemed terribly excited about the Full Spa wash and the enhanced vehicle treatments offered with the Express Detail services. Not wanting to distract them, I walked around the premises and was indeed impressed by the spacious and clean facilities.

The oil-change services at the Car Spa at Tinley Pak seemed to be a hit with the customers too, for as I was watching, I heard at least 3 customers booking appointments for the Valvoline brand oil-change services. Of course that would be popular, I thought, what with the free Express Spa Wash and the free Maintenance check Car Spa offers along with every oil-change service. That is definitely an awesome deal!

“They include a 72-hour rewash guarantee, Honey”, my husband said as we watched the valet clean the interior of our car, the door panels, and floor mats and even do a quick hand wax. “We don’t have to worry about the mud-roads anymore this weekend!” he smiled. He was, believe me, very worried about how dirty the car might get driving uphill after spending all that money and time just before the journey. But who drives to a posh hillside resort in a dirty car, right?

Also, the whole service took barely an hour! Thank you Car Spa for saving our weekend, I thought inwardly as I made up my mind to bring my SUV here next week for a good wash and complete interior and exterior detailing. You should call the Car Spa at 708-873-9810 too if you own a car and live around Tinley Park, or are visiting someone around there. You can also check out for their different service options. It will be worth it, I promise!

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