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Gift Cards - the No Stress, Versatile gifting option!

The holidays are fast approaching, and I for one, cannot wait to relax and spend some time with my family. However, I also find the holiday season a little stressful because I am not particularly great at buying people presents. That is where gift cards are extremely useful, don’t you agree? I just need to know where my friends and family shop the most, be it for a product or a service, and let them make their favorite purchases there by means of a gift card. More so if the gift cards come out of a huge supermarket chain! It is not as uninvolved as giving them cash, and it allows them to shop to their hearts’ content - a win-win situation! And this is what I was thinking about as I was driving over to The Car Spa at Tinley Park today.

As you very well know, the snow and wet weather accompanying the festive season, while beautiful to look at from inside our homes, can also wreak havoc on vehicles, especially if you haven’t had a maintenance check done recently. Being the smart person I am, I took a quick look at, decided to preemptively do a bit of routine check, and took my car to The Car Spa where I always go for all my car care requirements. Be it an oil change, a flat tyre, or a complete interior cleaning and blowout because a soda can exploded all over my backseat, The Car Spa has always been my reliable car wash & maintenance partner. Their service is exemplary and they often have some very valuable promotions, listed at to save a quick buck occasionally.

I was talking with one of the friendly valets in the comfortable lounge at The Car Spa while I was waiting for my car to be serviced, and I was exploring the option of being able to pay for some of my family members to get their vehicles serviced there, and guess what, I was delighted to find that the Car Spa now has gift cards for sale at Costco! I cannot think of a better gift that’s perfect for everyone, and it’s quite reasonably priced too. You never know when you’ll need small repairs, or a quick car wash like The Express Spa Valet Wash, or even one of those Mini-Detail services that is The Car Spa’s specialty and quite a favorite of mine, and these gift cards would absolutely come in handy then!

Every car would have scheduled maintenance needs, and an essential oil change can go a long way in keeping your engine healthy. With The Car Spa’s “no appointment needed, quick oil change, plus a free maintenance check”, one simply cannot go wrong! Everybody could use a good deal like this gift card, from my uncle who drives to work everyday, to my niece who just passed her driving test and bought her first car. What a great stocking stuffer these gift cards would make! If you check out, you can see all the services The Car Spa offers to make your car maintenance a breeze, and why these gift cards make so much sense!

I have previously tried a few other places in the area, but none have impressed me as much as The Car Spa at Tinley Park. And their Kleensafe - disinfection and viral remediation program is indeed a good one. Now I don’t have to worry about the ever increasing harmful pathogens, at least while in my car.

As always, I was very pleased with the service at The Car Spa, and I would definitely recommend it to friends and family in a heartbeat. That is exactly why once I had picked up my clean and shiny car, I drove straight to Costco and bought some of the very affordable and completely worthy Car Spa gift cards to give as presents this holiday season. Every year, I dread shopping for gifts, but not this time. The Car Spa has given me the perfect solution!

The gift cards are available at a Costco near you too, by the way. Why don’t you call The Car Spa, Tinley Park at 708-873-9810 today, and find out what they have in store for you?

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