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Is your car a member of your family?

Do you treat your car like a member of your family as I do mine? Well, I have no qualms in saying that my beloved car needs as much care as any other member of my family and with my convenient membership at The Car Spa, why shouldn’t it get the right treatment?

I am sure you would understand when I say that the moment I bought my first car, that beautiful Toyota Corolla, half of which I paid for from my own part-time work, was the first time I fell in love. I simply could not take my eyes off of the smooth paint and the humming engine and I wanted to protect it, to take care of it, to treasure it, for ever and ever! That’s the first time my dad took me to The Car Spa - Car Wash and Detail Center at Tinley Park, right there in my own neighborhood.

The Express Oil Change service with the trusted Valvoline brand engine oil came with an Express car wash at no extra cost. The friendly crew did a free maintenance check on my vehicle too, and I was ready to take on the world with my four-wheel steed. Oh, how I cherish the memories of the first few rides with my dearest friends. The exhilaration and the pride and the sense of ownership… warms the heart anytime I think about it.

Wasn’t very different with my second car either - a brand new Honda Civic. I had graduated and landed my first job with a decent salary and most of my first salary went towards purchasing my car. With The Car Spa’s premium valet services, it was the easiest thing to take good care of my car. All I had to do was call 708-873-9810 and book an appointment for one of their affordable detail services.

The Car Spa’s complete interior-only and complete exterior-only detail are very useful when you know exactly where your car needs special care. Of course my dad and I took turns taking the family cars to the Car Spa for their Complete Interior and Exterior detailing services as well, and my sister made sure to get their mini-detail service, which is an amazing value at less than $70, included a fast wax by hand and free car washes, whenever she visited. Our family knows extraordinary value when we see it!

And then life got more adventurous. With the increase in travel and many explorations that ensued, the bond with my loyal motor companion only got stronger with time. With the 72-hour rewash guarantee at The Car Spa and their efficient automotive services my car and I travelled to the most out-of-the-way spots and didn’t have to worry about the muddy roads at all. Do take a minute to check out, and you will surely thank me for it!

With marriage and a growing family came my third car, a gorgeous BMW X7, and The Car Spa is the only Car Wash I can trust with their premium valet services. With their meticulous car-wax applications and thorough odour removal procedures, my car is always shiny and fragrant. These days even a trip to the supermarket or to work feels like a mini-vacation with the smell of lavender scents and pine cones wafting around me.

But enough about me. Why don’t you visit to know more about The Car Spa’s bouquet of services, or even better, drive around to 9401, West 171st Street, Tinley Park to experience their services first hand? Call 708-873-9810 to make an appointment now!

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