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Keep your Rental Vans/Trucks “Certified-Clean” with The Car Spa Tinley Park’s Cost-Effective Service

I think you will agree with me when I say that maintaining a fleet of moving vans and trucks is not the easiest job in the world. But the joy and satisfaction I get from helping people through their stressful moves by providing the right vehicles to keep their belongings safe have been reward enough for me. Nonetheless, I cannot assure my patrons/customers of clean and safe moving vans and trucks without my friendly neighborhood vehicle-care partner The Car Spa at Tinley Park!

To ensure effective cleaning, we begin with the Complete Interior Cleaning and Blowout service ( from The Car Spa Tinley Park featuring enzyme blowout throughout the vehicle, and a thorough cleaning and polishing of the seats, windows, handles, etc., before every new assignment. The advantage here is that The Car Spa gives me package rates for my entire fleet which considerably brings down my individual costs, while getting my vehicles visually clean every time.

But with the lessons learnt from the past couple of years, we take special care to disinfect the vehicles and try to remove all the harmful pathogens that may travel with the transported household articles. The Car Spa Tinley Park ( provides an excellent Disinfection and Viral Remediation program called KleenSafe for just this very purpose! Zero toxic and food-safe disinfectants are used to kill the harmful microbes mechanically, thus leaving no chemical residues on the surfaces and hence safe for transporting sensitive electronics, treasured antiques and all kinds of clothing and kitchen utensils.

That is not all! For customers who need reassurance on the cleanliness of my vehicles, the Motor Vehicle Safety Accreditation (certificate) from The Car Spa Tinley Park ( brings in tremendous impact. “Certified Clean” definitely has a good ring to it, don’t you think? You can call The Car Spa at (708) 274-7060 to learn more about their MV-SAP and the bundled offers that come with it.

Sending my customers a vehicle that is absolutely clean on the inside but filthy on the outside is just not done, of course. I rely on the many Premium Valet Car Wash options ( available at The Car Spa Tinley Park to get the outside of my vehicles clean and neat. If the vehicle has traveled short distances just within the city, the Express Spa Valet Wash is more than sufficient for a quick external wash. But if the truck/van has traveled on muddy or icy roads over long distances earlier, the Full Spa Valet Wash, or sometimes even the Super Spa Valet Wash would be ideal to get the job done right.

The valet washes are best for removing debris and dust, but for a more thorough deep cleaning, especially after a cross country move, the Complete Exterior Cleaning and Clay Wash removal is just what the doctor ordered. This service will take care of wheel wells and tires. Sometimes a little bit of a shine on the vehicle adds a nice sparkly feeling to the whole moving experience, especially on cold and wintry mornings. The Car Spa Tinley Park’s Wax & Polish ( or the Spray Wax service is sure to give my vans the required dazzle!

Well, this covers the look and feel of my moving trucks and vans. Maybe I’ll tell you more about The Car Spa Tinley Park’s excellent automotive services soon. Meanwhile, why don’t you call

(708) 274-7060 today and see which of their services can help you maintain your own fleet better?

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