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My 6 year old daughter and I had our eyes glued to the TV screen. With the cars racing around the Yas Marina circuit, our hearts were beating in our mouths. Rachel had been following the races with me since April this year and we both savoured the adrenaline rush at the end of every nail-biting finish together.

She is especially fascinated by the pit-stop routines, and the minute details that need to be taken into account for a winning pit-stop strategy. I could see Rachel making a concentrated attempt to wrap her head around the average pit stop time being just 2-2.5 seconds, and then as it does with children, her mind suddenly shifted to our own car - the Toyota she fondly calls the “Princess Chariot”.

“How much time does it take to clean my chariot, daddy?” my daughter asked. “Well, if we can get it to The Car Spa at Tinley Park just around the corner, their crew will do a pretty neat job in under 2 hours, Rachel”, I said referring to their Mini Detail service consisting of compressed air blowout, customized interior cleaning and even a Super Spa Valet wash thrown in. That’s a pretty good deal for under $70, don’t you think? You can call The Car Spa at 708-873-9810 for more details about their best value service.

I was also thinking that this might be a good time as any to teach my daughter some car-care tips, the first one being to pick the right car wash and detail center! So we got into our car, muddy from the long drive we had taken a couple of days ago, and drove to The Car Spa at Tinley Park. The valets were quite friendly, as always, and recommended the Complete Interior Cleaning and Blowout featuring an enzyme blowout, the interior hand washed, and the glass/chrome surfaces carefully cleaned. I figured the sticky candy on the windows and the soda spills on the seats certainly warranted that, and it came with a $10 off coupon which I promptly used. You can check out before your next visit if you’d like!

The Car Spa at Tinley Park offers a pretty good range of premium valet Car Wash options too - the Express Spa Wash with the wheels washed and hand-applied tire shine, the Full Spa Wash with the triple foam exterior surface treatment application, and the Super Spa Valet Wash with even the floor mats washed and dried. And they all come with a rewash guarantee as well! I read all the details at before I left so I could decide what suited my car right away.

But the complete exterior polish buff and wax & wash service with the paint and clearcoat brightener & protection drew my attention instantly. I wanted my daughter’s chariot to gleam and shine and I figured the wax and polish would do the job well.

“Will these nice people change the tyres and do a maintenance check too?” my daughter asked, comfortably ensconced in the lounge and watching the efficient valets clean our Toyota while still thinking of the pit-stop actions she had just watched. “The Car Spa offers a tonne of automotive services, Sweetheart”, I said. “They can do a 100% synthetic transmission fluid replacement, and a complete fuel system cleaning so your ride in our car will be super smooth and we can save money on fuel every time! The Car Spa’s Oil System and Coolant System services are also the best in our area, dear, and we can get new wipers fixed, our external lights changed and even get your favorite fragrance for your “Princess Chariot” at The Car Spa”, I said warmly.

I did not forget to ask about their disinfection and viral remediation program, of course! With a family and kids spending a lot of time in our car traveling, it made perfect sense to make sure we kept harmful pathogens out, didn't it? The Car Spa has an excellent KleenSafe program for motor vehicles, and if The Car Spa says my car is clean, I will definitely believe them. After all, whether it is Max Verstappen with his Red Bull Racing, or my daughter with her Princess Chariot, where would we be without our trustworthy crews?

Call The Car Spa Tinley Park at 708-873-9810 or visit and reach your trustworthy car-care partner today!

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