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Post-Winter Vehicle-Care Checklist - Part 2

Now that you have taken care of the outside of the vehicle, let’s quickly run a check of the inside, especially the fluid levels in different systems that you need to keep an eye out for. The first thing you would need to check up on is your oil change schedule, of course. Regular changing of the engine oil is essential to keep all the parts of the engine well lubricated and engaging smoothly which can prevent excessive wear and tear. The combustion process inside the engine and the constant friction can also generate a lot of heat and build up sludge which can reduce the life of the engine, and who would want that?

You know that changing the engine oil at regular prescribed intervals can keep your vehicle healthy and improve mileage, but life happens, right? Not to worry, The Car Spa Tinley Park has an Express Oil Change service that will get you in and out of the facility in no time. The Car Spa Automotive center offers the following options from Valvoline Professional Series, the trusted engine oil brand for your vehicle:

  1. Thrive Conventional

  2. High Mileage / Synthetic Blends

  3. Full Synthetic & Eco Friendly Full Synthetic

If you are wondering what goes into an oil-change service, here is the list:

  • Up to 5 Quarts Motor Oil

  • Replace Oil Filter

  • Lubricate Chassis

  • Fill Washer Fluid

  • Wash Windshield

  • Reset Oil Light Indicator

  • Provide Window Sticker for Next Service

  • Provide Free Tire or Fluid Checks Anytime!

Apart from these, the Express Oil Change also comes with an Express Spa Wash and a multi-point maintenance check absolutely free. And a coupon for additional savings! Check out or call 708-873-9810 now and get your car engine rearing to go!

Although the transmission fluid lasts much longer than the engine oil, making sure it is at the proper level should be the next item on your list. An efficient transmission service like the one offered at The Car Spa Tinley Park comprises a 100% synthetic transmission fluid replacement including a pre-service cleaner and a transmission fluid conditioner to keep the transmission components protected and your vehicle gears shifting smooth.

Speaking of components to protect, when was the last time you had serviced your coolant system? If you don’t remember, it is time to drive down to The Car Spa Tinley Park today! Your vehicle’s radiator, heater core and pump require a pre-service cleaner and an antifreeze/coolant to maintain proper freeze/boil protection. can give you more details of the services offered and how The Car Spa Tinley Park can help prolong your vehicle’s life.

While you are down at The Car Spa, why don’t you get the differential service done to keep the gears and bearings in your vehicle working perfectly? The service starts at only $49.95 and can really make a difference to your vehicle’s performance.

That should take care of the most important fluid-checks in your vehicle post-winter, and with The Car Spa Tinley Park in your neighborhood, getting them all done should be no trouble at all. Don’t wait. Get. Set. Drive!

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