Save time and money while you multitask at Car Spa, Tinley Park!

My friend Sarah called me in the middle of the day and the first thing I heard from the other end was a huge sigh. Sarah was a single mom of a 3 year old, and a content writer working from home.

After a few seconds Sarah said, “Hey Anne, sorry about that. But there are so many things happening and I am kind of overwhelmed. My content for a website is due today and my boss has been driving me nuts since morning. Ethan is home and his baby-sitter bailed on me. And my car is caked with mud and dirt from the drive we took over the weekend, the inside seats and mats are a mess, and the rain hasn’t helped either. I know I have to get it cleaned immediately before I can use it again. But I do not have the time to wash it now and delay my work. And who will look after Ethan?”, she finished, slightly out of breath.

The good thing was that I could give her an immediate solution! “Sarah”, I said, “I have just the car wash to recommend to you. The Car Spa car wash and detail services at Tinley Park. I know you live just round the corner to 9401 West 171st Street Tinley Park and you can call them at 708-873-9810 to fix an appointment. You would definitely have seen the huge facility while you ran errands!”

“The Car Spa has a premium valet service, which means you can just hand over your car to the efficient and careful valet and they will carry out whatever service you want for your car. Their website has all their services listed so you can pick and choose even before you drive out there! You will notice that they are pretty affordable too.

The Mini-Detail service which includes cleaning of compressed air hose, mats, door panels and leather treatment along with 2 free Full Spa car washes, would be just the thing to try if you are hard pressed for time, which you seem to be now, aren’t you?” I asked, taking a breather.

But wait, that is not all. The Car Spa has a cozy lounge with excellent wifi and coffee. Which means you can take your laptop out there and finish your work while you wait for your car to be cleaned. And Ethan can play games on your phone. So that’s another problem sorted. You know what, though? Ethan will probably have more fun watching the car being serviced through the huge glass doors safe by your side and still occupied. I know he would be fascinated,” I said smiling.

Sarah let out another sigh, but this time of relief I guessed. “That’s an awesome suggestion, Anne”, she said. “Now I can do three things at a time and save some time and money too! I am seeing some promotional coupons on their website and I am going to call 708-873-9810 right away to fix an appointment. Maybe I’ll consider their Valvoline oil-change service too while I am there. Thank you, you saved the day!” she said, and I could hear her smile before she rang off.

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