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The Car Spa Tinley Park - Your Ideal Cleaning Process Outsourcing Partner!

As the owner of a new and used car sales dealership in Tinley Park, Chicago, my New Year resolutions for this year are not just about my personal well-being, but also about the growth and expansion of my business. With the lessons of the past couple of years imprinted in my brain, I understand that I need to keep an eye not just on the general look and feel of the vehicles I sell, but also on the reliability and safety aspects down to the disinfection and removal of pathogens in every car or SUV in my lot.

I am fully cognizant that my customers will need reassurance on the cleanliness of the new and used vehicles they are buying from me, more so on the used ones. Getting my customers to test drive vehicles had not been easy either until I got to know about The Car Spa Tinley Park’s KleenSafe program and the MV-SAP (Motor Vehicle Safety Accreditation Program) certification.

The Car Spa does an amazing job of cleaning my vehicles inside and out and disinfects them with a patented mechanical-kill agent which envelops and destroys harmful bacteria and viruses. Once that is done, we can proudly display the safety certificate in our vehicles, which has proved quite invaluable in gaining customer confidence!

But that is only the final step in delivering a truly clean car to our customers, be it a brand new car or a used one. My staff generally have a tonne of dusting, washing, cleaning and maintenance activities with all the vehicles out on display, or on the road everyday. That is why I consider The Car Spa Tinley Park to be an ideal partner for me. With their premium valet car wash services, interior and exterior detail services and an impressive array of automotive services, they make my job (and my life) much easier.

I first called The Car Spa at (708) 274-7060 for my Cleaning Processes outsourcing needs. I had been going through their website and found that the Express Spa, Full Spa and Super Spa valet car wash services were extremely affordable for what was on offer. But on further discussion, The Car Spa was able to give me packaged deals and bundled offers for my entire fleet that considerably reduced my operating costs!

The used cars that come into my lot usually need some general tuning and maintenance before they can be washed and scrubbed and placed on the lot for sale. The Car Spa Tinley Park has a good selection of automotive services including the Transmission service, Fuel System Cleaning, Oil System Cleaning, Antifreeze/Coolant System service and Differential service, and the team has been very helpful in devising customized packages suitable for my dealership’s exclusive needs. Considering how much The Car Spa delivers as listed in the website, I couldn’t have asked for a better deal!

But it is not just that. The Car Spa Tinley Park has an excellent Express Oil Change service which comes with a free Express Spa Wash and a multi-point maintenance check absolutely free. While it is easier for us to forget the essential oil change dates for all the vehicles in our fleet, The Car Spa makes sure to take care of every one of our cars according to schedule! Definite plus for the partnership, don’t you think?

Partnering with The Car Spa Tinley Park has been, and continues to be an awesome experience for me. They have been instrumental in keeping the new and used vehicles in my dealership and display lots sparkling clean, waxed, buffed and well maintained. My pre-delivery cleaning and disinfection services for our invaluable customers have been a breeze since we began outsourcing our car wash, detail and maintenance services to The Car Spa and we hope to scale faster with the time and money saved during our partnership.

You can call The Car Spa Tinley Park at (708) 274-7060 or (708) 873-9810, or visit their website to learn more about how you can benefit by partnering with them too!

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