Which car wash is better? Automatic vs Valet vs Touchless.

I do not like to say so myself, but I am the authority on cars at my workplace! So when my junior colleague was going out to get his car washed in the middle of the day, I had to stop him and ask, especially because he drove a beautiful BMW bought for him by his very generous uncle!

“Oh, just a quick automatic car wash Bob. There is one about 20 miles from here, and I think it would take a better part of the afternoon for me to do the washing and I guess that won’t leave me any time to finish that task you gave me today”, he said, picking up his keys. “Eric”, I said gravely, “so many things seem wrong about that statement.” Eric paused, not sure if I was joking or serious. “What do you mean?” he asked, pulling up a chair to sit down.

“Well, first of all, have you not heard that the stiff bristles of the brushes in some automatic car washes can cause scratches in your precious car? Who knows how much dirt is already on them? I’ve had water spots left on my car from automatic washes and there is always the possibility that harsh chemicals are being used to compensate for the lack of human touch! Also did you hear how Billy from Accounts got his side mirror broken because the sensors in his car wash were not properly calibrated? I agree that automatic car washes are cheap and quick, but is that what you want for your BMW?” I asked Eric.

I could see I had gotten Eric thinking and he asked, “What about touchless car washes Bob? Are they better? “I am not sure about that”, I said truthfully. “The excessive force from the water jets have been known to send debris across the paintwork and could cause scratches on the paintwork. And how many car washes offer that service in our neighbourhood, anyway?”

“If you ask me, there is nothing like a car washed and detailed by hand, what the Car Spa calls the Valet Car Wash services. The service people are friendly and they did an excellent job of cleaning the inside and outside of my car after my weekend trip to the mountains, and at a very affordable price too. I even got discount coupons from their website All you have to do is click on and download them”, I advised.

“And why do you have to travel 20 miles for a good car wash anyway? There is the Car Spa Car Wash and Detail Center right around the corner at Tinley Park! You can call 708-873-9810 to know more about their different packages or you can browse through when you have the time. Like I already told you, their excellent valets will do the washing and cleaning of your car right before your eyes, while you can make use of their spacious lobby, with wifi and coffee no less, to finish the tasks I have assigned to you! “ I said smiling.

“I’ll take your wise suggestion boss”, Eric said getting up from the chair. “Maybe I will get a quick oil-change done. They even offer a free Express Spa Wash and a free maintenance check. Sounds attractive to me”, he said thoughtfully as he walked away. And I leaned back in my chair with the feeling of a job well done!

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