With new car prices skyrocketing, see how you can take care of your old car better now!

Summer in Tinley Park, Illinois is a beautiful thing. And I was determined to enjoy it sitting in my lawn with a cold drink and watching the sunlight glint off of my shiny red Corvette. What a way to spend the afternoon I thought, remembering the many adventures I’ve had in my beloved car! I was just going to settle into the comfortable chair when I caught a glimpse of my neighbor staring speculatively at his Toyota Camry with a weird expression. His car was white, was more than a couple of years old and a little dusty from his recent trip.

“Hey Jed”, I said, walking up to my side of the fence that separated our two properties. “A penny for your thoughts?” Jed came out of his reverie and turned, only for his eyes to be automatically drawn to the Beauty in my driveway. “How do you manage to keep your Chevy so gorgeous- looking all the time? I would have bet you just got her out of the showroom if I didn’t know any better”, he said, a little note of jealousy creeping into his voice.

“I just got her washed and detailed at the Car Spa Car Wash and Detail Center. They are just around the corner and I would recommend their mini-detail service which includes 2 free Full Spa Car Washes, cleaning of the interior, door panels, floor mats and a quick hand wax for less than $70! It just took about an hour and I managed to finish a few of my chores, thanks to the excellent wifi in their waiting area”, I replied grinning. “Weren’t you thinking of exchanging your Camry for a newer model?” I asked, wondering at his troubled expression.

“Did you know that Hubei province, where the infamous Wuhan is located, is a hub for manufacturing facilities?” he asked suddenly, and before I could say anything, “With the Covid crisis throwing a spanner into the complex supply chains of the automotive industry that depend on those facilities, can you imagine the impact on new car prices? China exports components like wheels, bodies and brakes to many OEM facilities in our country too and that is definitely showing in the increased prices of new cars”, he said sadly.

“Yes Jed”, I agreed, pondering the wisdom in not trading his car for a new one at this time. “I also heard about the scarcity of semiconductors that are vital components of power steering, brakes and even the infotainment systems in new cars. I knew the pandemic had something to do with it, but a fire in a chip-making plant in Japan, the abominable weather in Texas and the Taiwan drought made the whole thing worse, I guess”, I said, shrugging my shoulders, struck by the interdependencies of the Global marketplace!

“Well, all the more reason to take care of the car you have now better! And I can point you to just the right place for it”, I said trying to cheer him up. Why don’t you call Car Spa at 708-873-9810? Their friendly service personnel will tell you all about all the services Car Spa at Tinley Park offers. The website features coupons, to make the already affordable prices even more attractive! And speaking of the pandemic, KleenSafe - the disinfection and viral remediation service Car Spa offers is one of the best in the industry. Make sure you ask about that too”, I suggested.

Jed began to check out the automotive services Car Spa offered immediately in and was getting somewhat excited about the multiple packages. He looked up from the page on his phone, looked at his Toyota fondly and said “A free express spa wash and a free maintenance check with every oil-change? The poor dear definitely deserves that much at least.” Then he sauntered off, already calling the Car Spa contact number to book an appointment, while I finally settled into my lawn chair!

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